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Multi-Course Breakfast

We feature indulgent food experiences each day at the ATI. In the morning, our two course, buffet and menued breakfast, and in the afternoon, a delectable tea service. All are complimentary, available to our guests.

BREAKFAST  Enjoy a seasonal menu with multiple choice options, plus a buffet with fresh fruit, homemade baked goods and granola, cereal and yogurts. Some menu specialties include Eggs Newport, substituting crab cakes for Canadian bacon, stuffed French toast topped with berries of the season, and banana nut pancakes.

We serve an all organic coffee, which is roasted and blended exclusively for us by our island neighbor, Custom House Coffee, a top artisan coffee roaster. Our custom blend is available in regular or decaffeinated. Additionally, there is a choice of select teas to accompany your meal.

Breakfast is served in our dining room between 8 and 10 am, and daily newspapers are available. In chilly weather, you’ll sit fireside or weather permitting, you’ll dine on the porch or lawn tables.


Omelet Americana



Eggs Newport Crab Cakes

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